I Am The Vehicle And The Vision Is To Connect All Africans.

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Tim Akano is an investor, entrepreneur, writer, author, mentor and life coach. After his two decades in the business world working with multinational conglomerates. Today, he is the MD/CEO of New Horizon Solutions Nigeria Limited, a franchise of the world largest computer training institute, New Horizon International.

What I Am

A little about Tim Akano


Tim has dedicated his life, resources and energy to youths development and empowerment in Africa. A free service he reported gives him fulfilment in life


Tim is an entrepreneur, well known for creative innovations. He is the MD/CEO of New Horizon Solutions Nigeria Limited, a franchise of the world largest computer training institute, New Horizon International.


Tim is the author of a lot of articles and books, with which he has used to change a lot of lifes.


He founded FABAAW, a mentoring platform for young people from over 50 African countries and around the world.

More About Tim


Here are some of my publications.

21 May, 2023

May 29: Unpromising start, promising Future

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By any reckoning, this May 29 is different: eight years ago, on May 29, 2015, there were massive expectations and excitements in the air, a Cathedral -size hope inspired by the 63-point agenda of the outgoing captain. Many Nigerians are now feeling conned that politicians took them to cloud 9 by an airborne parachute and dropped them in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where everyone is struggling to swim out without a life jacket.

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3rd Febuary, 2023

Understanding privacy and online risk in digital world today

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Everything that makes modern life easy and fun has to do with Data: Google, CHATGPT, Uber, etc. Today, from all human interactions in religious worshipping houses, social networks, sports, watching smart TVs, etc, people collect data and manipulate it for commercial, social or political purposes.

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6th August, 2022


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Nigeria is on the brink again. This time, the stakes are higher, with human lives, born and unborn on the table. The wages of indecisiveness, indifference and inertia is death. The greatest demographic disaster in the history of the world happened to the Native Americans who first settled in what is today the United States some 15,000 years ago.

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What they say about me

👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Thanks brother Tim, this is simply a wonderful piece, deeply researched and aptly articulated. Incidentally we will be talking about the "new world order" with my students this week, it will be my pleasure to quote some passages from your write- up (your name will be cited in a Paris university classroom😄). Kudos once more

Shelby Integer

Well written Chief Tim Akano. More grease to your elbow. I know it entails a lot of research work to put up such a write up. Keep going to expand the understanding of how things are unfolding in the world. Have a good day my brother.

Shelby Integer

Good morning Tim. Your treatise was a necessary distraction for my breakfast. I was struggling between reading it and eating my breakfast. I have read it and it is quite illuminating. If it will be eventually published, citations will be required and the Conclusion segment of the treatise must highlight only the major excerpts of the Discussion segment of the treatise. New ideas, that had not been discussed earlier in the Discussion segment, were brought into the Conclusion segment. Notwithstanding, it was rich in style and fluency. Well done.

Shelby Integer

Prof. Tim, each time I pick up your piece to read, its usually impossible to drop it no matter how busy I am until I get to the last dot of your write up. I must confess the enormous research and time you have put into this work. You are really a great writer. This is very eeucative and inspiring. Thank you

Shelby Integer

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